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Chittaranjan Yajnik

Session Highlight : The David Barker Award Lecture: Twenty Years of Research in DOHaD

By: Chittaranjan Yajnik (India)

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We are pleased to bring you the informational slideshow and/or audio for each of the six plenary sessions.

Human Fetus in the Womb

The 7th World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) was held on September 18–21, 2011 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

We are pleased to bring you the informational slideshow and/or audio for each of the six plenary sessions and preconception care presentations. You can advance the slides as you listen to the audio, independently of each other.

Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions addressed global challenges, showcased templates for successful public health interventions, and considered how science, public health policy, and political sectors could come together to implement change. The unique and critical role of the placenta as the maternal-fetal interface, impacting all types of programming results and outcomes, and its emerging potential as an accessible and powerful biomarker of future disease was addressed in a plenary session to alert all to its potential in research and practice. We highlighted the preterm infant for the first time in the Congress series, in an attempt to define optimal postnatal organ development and understand how traditional management of this medically challenging period might contribute to programming.

Organizing Committee

Kent Thornburg, PhD
David J.P. Barker, MD, PhD
Dennis M. Bier, MD
Susan P. Bagby, MD

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Session Highlight: Twenty Years of Research in DOHaD

Note: Dr. Yajnik’s lecture audio continues in Plenary IV.

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